Good and Evil

Recently, there was a tragedy on a naval base near Washington, DC. Multiple gunmen, fatalities, fear and tragedy. Awful. Needless. Tragic. But it made me think about how we as humans look at good and evil. Evil gets our undivided attention and goodness seems to largely not even show up on the radar or for most of us just gets a literal or figurative, “That’s nice.”

We BELIEVE in the power of evil. We HOPE for the power of goodness. We, too often, do not react to goodness with the same passion and fervor as we do for evil. We don’t campaign and speak for the powers of positivity with nearly as much passion as we look for, prepare for, and speak on the negativity that we see or hear about. Most of the evil that we prepare for and speak of with such passion has never happened to us. And even when goodness does happen to us we tend to give it a “that’s nice” and prepare for the next disaster. (No one ever put a razor blade in an apple, ever. But the fear of it stopped a nation of Halloween parents from letting our kids get apples).

When we drive, 99% of the drivers drive just like they should, but if one person cuts us off we are prone to say, “That is just how they drive in ,,,” (name your city.) We then identify all the drivers by the one or the few who drove outside of the rules. Why do we do that? We identify with negativity and then blame it on the networks because they cater to it. We complain about too much violence in our entertainment. They cater to it because they know what will get our attention. Evil and violence.

I believe it is because we live too much in fear. We are in fear of the dark more than we are comfortable in the light.

Now, before you label me a tree hugging peacenick, I want to say that I understand that there are evil people and they must be dealt with. I know that it is a soldier, a policeman, homeland security, national intelligence, etc that makes it possible for me to sit here in peace and write this blog. I KNOW that and I thank them immensely for doing what most of us would never do. I AM THANKFUL FOR MY SAFETY. BUT, we honor them most when we make the best of the peace that they provide.

Mentor a child, volunteer at a school, give to the needy, give blood, etc. Honor those that do right with as much passion as you react to people who do wrong. Be as passionate and active for peace and goodness that IS happening as you are preparing for the violence and evil that may occur. Deal with the evil and violence that DOES happen and then get back to the business of goodness.

The tragedy at the naval base, 9-11, murder, child abuse, rape, atrocity and violence, etc…..We are not wrong to be horrified and angry. Just don’t stop there.