LIVE STREAM: Wooten Brothers Holiday Special Dec. 19th

The WOOTEN BROTHERS are coming together to celebrate the Holiday season! Regi, Roy, Joseph, and Victor, will celebrate with music, wisdom, and memories from “Rudy’s Jazz Room”, named after their middle brother.  Fun, Funky, and played LIVE in Nashville Tennessee, the acclaimed brothers, the First Family of Nashville, will come together to celebrate the Holiday Season! 

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Saturday, December 19, 2020
8 CST / 9 EST

(Your donations are greatly appreciated!)

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  1. Mr Joseph,
    Realy like The performance last night. Thanks to all of you. Hoping it will become a montly rendez-vous or something like that. Extraordiary performance of course, but also music teaching, plus healty mind spirit (sorry for my english).
    Looked, search, looked again, Victor web, your web site, Facebook… but just can’t find where make a donation. Note a big one? Paid 20$ for Primus last week. It’l be a pleasure to donate The same for your event.
    Wish of health and hapiness to everyone.
    Paul, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

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