Q & A with Joseph Wooten

By Dominic Aragon
TheRacingExperts.com Reporter

Joseph Wooten has been the keyboard player for The Steve Miller Band since 1993. We recently talked to Wooten about SMB, his solo projects, and, of course, NASCAR.
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So for those who don’t know who Joseph Wooten is, who are you and what do you do?

“I am a keyboard player; I’m a musician. I started at the age of five, and I have brothers who are musicians. I am a father of a 22 and soon-to-be 19 year old. I’m a person who has had opportunities to play music, so I want to make the most of it for myself, and for people I have come into contact in [by] trying to be a good example.”

Your last tour date for SMB in 2013 is expected to be in Las Vegas on December 28. How would you assess the touring schedule this year?

“We had a great year. Early on in the year, we co-headlined with Carlos Santana in Australia and New Zealand, so that was exciting.

“The Joker [album] turned 40 this year; [the tour] was well attended. Steve is playing well and singing well. It’s been a good year.”

What are some solo projects you plan to work on in the foreseeable future?

“My goal initially, was to have another CD ready. But as often happens, what you thought was going to be free time fills in, [but] I do have new music available on CD Baby.”

With the NASCAR season being wrapped up almost a month ago, what were your thoughts on the season overall?

“To be blunt, I don’t know a lot about NASCAR. I know my cousin Larry has become a part of NASCAR. For racecar drivers, I know that NASCAR is the NFL or NBA of race car drivers.

“I haven’t been to [a race], but I’d love to. I like to experience everything; that would be fun.”